Home Sports IDF nears Gaza City hospitals and breast implants used in life-saving surgery: Morning Rundown

IDF nears Gaza City hospitals and breast implants used in life-saving surgery: Morning Rundown

IDF nears Gaza City hospitals and breast implants used in life-saving surgery: Morning Rundown


Hospitals in Gaza City are raising the alarm as Israeli troops draw near. House Republicans can’t seem to rally around a plan avert a government shutdown. And a Nashville college student died after she was hit by a stray bullet.

Here’s what to know today.

U.S. says more needs to be done to protect Palestinians

Israeli troops fighting Hamas pushed deeper into Gaza City, with local health officials and residents reporting intense bombardment and the presence of military vehicles in the vicinity of several hospitals. Those reports came after local health officials said strikes in the area left multiple hospitals damaged. Gaza health ministry spokesperson Ashraf Al-Qudra said the attacks had not stopped all morning, causing a “major disaster.”

Israel has agreed to maintain daily four-hour pauses in its fighting in parts of northern Gaza, the U.S. said, building on days when tens of thousands of civilians fled the area through a designated safe route. President Joe Biden praised the news as a “step in the right direction,” but the U.S. says “more needs to be done” to protect Palestinians. Growing U.S. pressure has yet to yield a broader deal to get more aid into Gaza and hostages freed by Hamas.

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Despite the pauses, fighting will continue without a cease-fire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement. Israeli officials have repeatedly said Hamas would need to release the hundreds of people taken hostage during the Oct. 7 attack before it would agree to a cease-fire.

Netanyahu has also said his country does not seek to “govern” or “occupy” Gaza after its war with Hamas, after earlier comments raised concerns about his post-war plans. Follow live updates here. 

More on the Israel-Hamas war:

  • The announcement of Israel’s daily pauses came after the U.S. was said to be discussing with Israel and Qatar a possible proposal for a dayslong pause in the fighting.
  • Israeli President Isaac Herzog told NBC News’ Raf Sanchez that there is “no real proposal” from Hamas to free 240 or so hostages.
  • Posters of people held hostage by Hamas are being torn down in cities across the U.S., leading to confrontations and a response from White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.
  • Former New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said he plans to visit Israel this weekend.

House GOP nixes vote on two funding bills

New House speaker Mike Johnson has little progress to show in Republicans’ efforts to pass a short-term bill to keep the government open beyond the Nov. 17 deadline, now just a week away. On Tuesday, House Republicans canceled a transportation-housing bill because some coastal lawmakers opposed cuts to Amtrak. Yesterday, they yanked a financial services and general government measure that included divisive anti-abortion language. Then, the House adjourned for a long weekend. 

“I don’t think the Lord Jesus himself could manage this group,” said Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas. “We’re ungovernable,” another GOP lawmaker said. 

Now, House Republicans say it’s up to Johnson to make a call on how they should move forward.

Nashville student dies after being hit by stray bullet

A Nashville college freshman has died days after she was struck in the head by a stray bullet while walking in a park, police said yesterday. Jillian Ludwig, an 18-year-old music business major at Belmont College, was walking at a local park on Tuesday when she was shot in the head, police said. She was taken to a hospital in extremely critical condition after a passerby found her lying on the ground. 

The gunfire came from a public housing unit across the street from the park when the suspect allegedly shot at a car, police said. A suspect was identified and taken into custody: a 29-year-old man who had previously been released for incompetence to stand trial in a separate shooting.

DeSantis, who regularly chides Hunter Biden says, ‘keep the kids out of it’

Vivek Ramaswamy’s heated exchange with Nikki Haley over his mention of her daughter was still top of mind a day after the third Republican presidential debate in Miami. 

Fellow candidate Ron DeSantis didn’t agree with Ramaswamy’s jab, he said on Fox News. Going after an opponent’s children is “out of bounds” in political warfare, he said. However, the Florida governor goes after President Joe Biden’s son on a weekly basis. He has joked about Hunter Biden’s history of addiction and embarrassing details of his personal life. And he’s not the only candidate to bring up Hunter Biden in speeches and interviews. 

The standout moment between Ramaswamy and Haley also builds on the simmering tension between the two candidates. In fact, Ramaswamy and Haley’s are more biting and personal than those leveled at other candidates. But why? NBC Asian America reporter Sakshi Venkatraman spoke to experts about the unspoken dynamics.

Black boat captain in Alabama brawl accused of assault

A Black boat captain, who was attacked by white boaters in a dockside brawl that was captured in viral video, was accused of assault in connection with the Alabama melee, officials confirmed yesterday. The incident between Dameion Picket and the group of boaters happened on Aug. 5, after Pickett appeared to ask them to move way for his craft. Video showed a shirtless white man shove Pickett in the chest before taking a swing at his face, touching off the brawl.

Pickett has been summoned to appear before a magistrate later this month on allegations of assault. His family believes he shouldn’t be prosecuted.

Today’s Talker : When the actors strike officially ends, expect to see… 

… the return of your favorite TV shows, maybe some movie release dates and a slew of celebrity self-promotion. A tentative deal this week between SAG-AFTRA and leading studios is expected to be approved, meaning productions can resume and actors can talk about their projects. But be patient. “A lot of logistics” go into getting productions up and running again, an industry source said.

Politics in Brief

2024 election: Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced he won’t run for re-election next year.

Suspicious letters: The FBI and U.S. Postal Inspection Service are investigating a series of letters containing suspicious powder that were sent to election workers in multiple states.

FBI headquarters: In an unusually pointed letter to staffers, FBI Director Christopher Wray said he has concerns about “a potential conflict of interest” in the selection of the bureau’s new headquarters in Maryland.

Staff Pick: How breast implants saved a man’s life

I’ll admit, the headline first caught my attention. But reading health reporter Aria Bendix’s story on how surgeons raced to save 34-year-old Davey Bauer from a life-threatening infection kept me hooked to the end. It’s a story about ingenuity, perseverance and a second chance at life. — Elizabeth Robinson, newsletter editor

In Case You Missed It

Michael Oher was paid more than $139,000 in proceeds from the book and movie “The Blind Side,” the couple he accused of misleading him said in a court document.

The IRS announced new income tax brackets for 2024. 

A Black police officer in New Jersey who said she was disciplined after she wore her hair in a traditional African hairstyle filed a lawsuit alleging she was discriminated against.

Conservative groups made school boards a new front in the culture wars. This week, they lost ground.

A surprise inspection at a federal women’s prison in Florida found a rat infestation, leaking roofs and inmates being served moldy bread.

A California sheriff’s office said investigators do not have video that shows the “actual incident” that preceded a Jewish man’s fatal injury at dueling pro-Israel and pro-Palestine rallies.

The childhood vaccine exemption rate has reached an all-time high, the CDC reports. See which states had the highest exemption rates among kindergarteners.

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